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Quirky Romance

Damsels in Distress...

What happens if your daddy really is James Bond?

What happens when a boy from drama class decides to introduce himself in a dramatic way?

What happens when you are given a unique way to do your community service sentence for war protesting?

... but not for long.

Happy ending romantic fantasies with a quirky twist.

Quirky Romance stories are about damsels who find themselves in distress. But the people who put them in distress have good intentions, so by the end of the story these ladies are real happy it happened. These are romance stories, but they hinge on female instincts that are not widely promoted by the mainstream these days -- the instincts for a woman to enjoy being with someone who is powerful, but gracious, and to show their favor by deeply enjoying their situation -- by falling in love.

Some of these stories are straightforward action stories, some engage in a bit of philosophy along the way. All are good reads.

Buy and enjoy.