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"Don't make any sudden moves...
I've got a crystal ball, and I'm not afraid to use it!"
-- Cyreenik

How the site is organized

The two principle parts of the site are the Current Events part and the Editorial part.
The Current Events part analyzes current events on a monthly basis through the prism of Roger's concept of instinctive and analytic thinking. It points out things such as incipent Panic and Blunder thinking situations when big, expensive mistakes are pending.
The Editorial side is about more enduring insights that don't depend on current events to make them interesting.

The Book Room part pitches Roger's books and has things like press releases and Roger's upcoming schedule.

The Insight part goes deeper into these various ideas. If you like what you read in the Insight section, remember to buy the books!

Hi! I'm Cyreenik. I'm an alien who's come to Earth to explore and study human beings.

I find you humans fascinating because because you think so differently. Part of your thinking is logical and seems well matched to reality, and that part makes sense to me. But the other part... Whew! It's like that part of your brain is living in some other dimension because what you say and do makes no sense in the world I see you living in. ...At least not to me!

In 2007 I encountered a human man, Roger Bourke White Jr., who had some interesting ideas as to why this was so. He has written these ideas up in three books Evolution and Thought, Goat Sacrificing in the 21st Century and How Evolution Explains the Human Condition.

Now I'm using these ideas to build this site. I'm making my observations of how Roger's ideas explain current events in politics, business and technology.

Roger's ideas can come up with some pretty neat explanations, and that's what you'll find here on Cyreenik Says!

About Cyreenik




About Cyreenik


Oh, sorry, in English, I'm from the white noise world of Nassheera.

My turn-ons are switches, toggles and flip-flops.

My turn-offs are flip-flops, toggles and switches

People wonder if I'm 120 or 240? I laugh and tell them, "It's frequency that really counts."

And my name is pronounced sigh-REEN-ik.

Cyreenik's Theme Songs

o Master Jack -- 4 Jacks and Jill

o For what it's worth -- Buffalo Springfield

Roger's Business and Insight books are available at Author House -- Amazon -- Barnes and Noble and other fine book sellers, search for "Roger Bourke White Jr."

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