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Surfing the High Tech Wave:
A story of Novell's early years,

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright 2010

Table of Contents




PART ONE The Foundation Years, 1980–84

CHAPTER ONE Building Ray’s Stage

CHAPTER TWO 1982: The Time of Six Presidents

CHAPTER THREE 1983: Vision Unchained

CHAPTER FOUR Crossing the High Sierras

PART TWO Novell Emerges, 1984–88

The Technical Thread

CHAPTER FIVE The PC-Based LAN Revolution Begins

The Cultural Thread

CHAPTER SIX Corporate Culture

CHAPTER SEVEN Corporate Decisions

PART THREE Novell Matures, 1988–94

CHAPTER EIGHT The End of the Visionaries, 1988–89

CHAPTER NINE The End of the Revolution, 1989–94

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