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November 2018 issues

In Syria the proxy war continues

Proxy wars are definitely a curse for the lands they are being fought on, and the Syrian conflict is showing this off in spades.

One fallout of a long proxy war is warriors dedicated to a cause transforming into truly professional mercenaries, as in, people who will fight for any cause as long as they get paid.

This 1 Nov 18 WSJ article, Iran Ally Hezbollah Pays Syrian Rebels to Switch Sides Militia bolsters forces in Syria near Israel’s border despite threat from Israel by Sune Engel Rasmussen and Suha Ma’ayeh, talks about this happening in Syria.

From the article, "The Iran-backed militia [Hezbollah] has recruited up to 2,000 fighters, these people said, most of them from rebel groups that lost U.S. funding last year, according to the former commander, who tracks recruitment in villages in southern Syria."

These warriors are no longer being paid by US-backed groups so they are moving on. This moving on will keep happening as long as foreigners are will to pay for fighters in Syria.

This long term fighting is the deep curse of a proxy war. The war ends when these outsiders' attention moves on and they no longer want to keep paying. In this case the US's attention is moving on, but many others are still "sincerely interested" and paying big bucks to prove it.



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