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January 2019 issues

We begin the year with three mysteries: The Trump Wall, Maduro surviving and no Brexit Plan

The new year begins with three mysteries:

o How is the Trump Wall and US government shutdown going to resolve?

o Who is supporting Nicolás Maduro and keeping him in power in Venezuela?

o How is Brexit going to actually happen?

Trump's Wall

Trump's Wall is a presidential hobby. Presidential hobbies are projects that presidents devote a lot of personal attention to even though they are largely irrelevant to running the country in a better way. The first one I noticed was the time Reagan spent on Sandinistas in Nicaragua. This interest lead to the Iran-Contra Scandal with Oliver North at its core.

How Trump's Wall and the government shutdown will evolve we have yet to see. But the wall concept is clearly a distraction from issues that are much more important to Making America Great Again. Not recognizing this is what makes it a Trump Hobby.

Running Venezuela

The rulers of Venezuela have been running the country into the ground since 1999. But surprisingly they are still supported and still manage to conduct elections where they are winners. This long-lasting support remains a mystery. Who is benefiting from this dramatic national decline and who is happy to see it continuing?

This seems to be an extreme example of the instinct, "Party hearty while we can on these good times we are having. That way we'll have good memories to enjoy when we live though the hangover that inevitably will follow."

How Will Brexit Happen?

Wow! This was a mess at its beginning two years ago, and it has stayed a mess ever since. The deadline, in theory, comes up at the end of March this year. But what "the end" is going to look like (and "the beginning" which follows it) is still a big mystery.


So, we are beginning this year with lots of mysteries. Over the next six months we will get to see how they all resolve. Stay tuned....


-- The End --