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February 2019 issues

Amazon HQ2 and NYC

The announcement that Amazon is giving up on putting one of its new HQs in New York City was a surprise, and there are some interesting implications. Amazon says that it is abandoning this project because too many local politicians and New York City locals are protesting against it. They don't want it. Here are two interesting implications I see as a result of these reasons for giving up on this project.

o This could mean that NIMBYism and complacency are coming to dominate the NYC culture. If so, then this event could become the landmark for NYC's "business peak" the way the Cuyahoga River catching fire became the landmark for the peak of Cleveland's steel industry and the Midwest Steel Belt era of industrial business dominance. In a few decades the Steel Belt became the Rust Belt as the Midwest's manufacturing dominance waned and places such as Texas and Silicon Valley became the new centers for industrial growth. Which brings up an interesting question: If NYC evolves similarly what will its new title be... will Big Apple become Rotten Apple?

o It can also be a symptom that the dream around technology changing. For the last boom cycle FAANG has been one of the high-profile centers for the boom, and Silicon Valley has been a geographic symbol of the desirability of technology's influence. If NYC people are defiantly not interested in becoming part of the technology boom, the dream is definitely changing. I foresee a recession, and something new will become the optimistic dream for the boom that follows it.

This 14 Feb 19 WSJ article, Amazon Cancels HQ2 Plans in New York City Company will move ahead with plans in Virginia and Nashville and will hire at other tech hubs by Laura Stevens, Jimmy Vielkind and Katie Honan, explains what is happening.

From the article, "The deal’s detractors, including some state and city elected officials, called it corporate welfare and opposed Amazon’s antiunion stance and resistance to organizing its New York employees.

Some politicians “have made it clear that they oppose our presence and will not work with us to build the type of relationships that are required to go forward with the project,” Amazon said, despite majority support from local residents. "

What is next for Venezuela?

Assuming current president Nicolás Maduro and the country's Bolivarian Revolution are on their last legs, what is next for Venezuela?

Venezuela has been living with the Bolivarian regime for eighteen years now. It has looked real ugly from a conventional US point of view, but it has worked well enough to satisfy Venezuelans for almost twenty years.

So what is going to replace it?

Discovering the stable replacement is going to take a lot of social searching and experimenting. There is no "normalcy" to return to. What comes next will be something as unique to Venezuelan history as the Bolivarian revolution has been. It will be very different but just as unique, and it is going to take some time to discover what this stable replacement will be.



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