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November 2019 issues

The popular side of Climate Change is getting stronger

The climate change issue has both scientific and popular ways of looking at the issues involved. These days the popular elements are getting more and more attention and support. This is important because these two elements support dramatically different solutions to the issues. The solutions supported by science are determined by their cost effectiveness at changing climate, the solutions supported by popular beliefs are determined by their ability to help people rest easy and sleep better at night. This makes the popular side much like religions which support elaborate houses of worship.

An example of being effective as a popular program is the widespread placement of recycling bins for grocery-style garbage -- a lot of this style of sorting could be done effectively at landfills. An example of being scientifically effective at reducing CO2 emissions is supporting widespread use of nuclear power. Nuclear produces power that is a lot more like that produced by fossil fuels than that produced by wind or solar.

And, again, this is important because of the difference in effectiveness. If the goal is to have lots of people sleep better at night then supporting the popular elements is being effective. If the goal is to change climate trajectory then supporting science elements is being effective. (I say "trajectory" because climate changes whether humans are involved, or not, think of the coming and going of Ice Ages.)



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