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February 2020 issues

Afghanistan: a big proxy is moving on

The current war in Afghanistan has been going on since the 1990's when the Russians started sending in troops. They didn't get what they wanted, and then moved on when the USSR fell apart -- other interests became more important. They left, but part of the US's 9-11 response was sending in American troops to support American interests. America has now been there a long time too, but things are finally changing. This 21 Feb 20 Economist article, America and the Taliban agree to wind down their long war, talks about the Americans and Taliban finally reaching a shaky truce.

Wow! This is ending the longest war in US history! America, one of the proxies in this conflict, is finally moving on -- other interests have become more important.

So, in Afghanistan yet another proxy is moving on and finding other things to be seriously interested in, and when this happens enough times the proxy war there will finally wind down and end. And that will be good news.



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