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March 2020 issues

Combating coronavirus is becoming a community Big Vision

Combating coronavirus is becoming a community Big Vision.

How so? It is letting lots of people get behind a common cause. In this example, lots of inconvenient steps are being taken in the form of canceling large gatherings and these are making lots of news. There is also lots of hoarding going on and this is making news, too.

What I see happening is that combating coronavirus is becoming a community Big Vision -- it is something lots of community members can get behind and that makes them willing to do both personal sacrificing and forcing others to do the sacrificing as well. This is something many community members are getting behind in high profile ways. It is unifying communities.

This Big Vision benefit is a significant social benefit to these sad time happenings.

The coronavirus social and economic legacy

"Recessions are a time of dream changing for businesses and communities."

This is a saying of mine that has great application in these times.

Each economic recession has its own theme. The 2008 recession had a theme of a mortgage bubble collapsing and related deeply scary bank issues. The theme for this upcoming recession is efforts to control the spread of coronavirus and dealing with the disruptions to the global supply chains those efforts are causing. One of the prominent themes is "social distancing", and this is likely to be the one this downturn is remembered for.

The Coronavirus Correction: Where is the political talk?

There has been lots of excitement and media talk about how coronavirus is affecting social relations and regional economies, but little about how it is affecting US politics. The big stock and bond market corrections have started, but there is little talk about how this potential pandemic is affecting candidate prospects. How is this affecting the odds of a Trump or a Sanders or a Biden?

This is a curious silence, and I wonder how long it will last?

The Coronavirus Correction: Trump's Election Nightmare

It isn't being talked about much yet, but if this Coronavirus Correction happening in the financial markets turns into a full-blown recession... it is coming in the final months of Trump's first term. Wow! Talk about a seriously bad timing issue for a sitting president! This will likely have as much influence on the November election as the Democrats choice of candidate.



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