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July 2021 issues

Afghanistan: America is leaving, it gets to be a failed state again

Afghanistan is an in-between place. It is in between India, China, Russia and Iran. The historical result is a place with a collection of tribes. But this doesn't look good on a map in Europe or America, so in recent times these regions have tried to get it organized into a nation. When they aren't successful it is described as a "failed state". They are successful when they push a lot of military into the area, as America has been doing since 9/11.

But America, after twenty years of this, is now tired of doing so. President Biden has announced he is pulling the remaining American troops out by September of this year and seems to be keeping his word on this promise.

So, what happens next? It looks like Afghanistan will revert back to its failed state status. It will become much like Congo is in Africa.

We are going back to a relation with the region that was the norm a hundred years ago.



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