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March 2022 issues

Is Ukraine going to become Russia's Vietnam?

In 1955 the French gave up on their Indochina colony and created four nations to replace it: Laos, Cambodia and North and South Vietnam. Sadly, that didn't end the fighting. It continued on for another twenty years (to 1975) as a proxy for the Cold War conflict. North Vietnam was supported by the Communist side (mostly China) and South Vietnam by the Anti-Communist side (mostly the US).

The conflict was long, bloody and mostly guerrilla warfare style conducted in South Vietnam.

Putin's invasion of Ukraine is laying the groundwork for a similar style of conflict in the Ukraine. On one side is Russia being lead by Putin with imperialist, "back to the old days" ambitions. On the other is nationalist Ukrainians getting a lot of popular support in Europe and America. And this could become quite unpopular in Russia, as the Vietnam War was unpopular in America.

This confrontation could easily turn a long and bloody guerrilla war with lots of bad feelings about it swirling all over the world.

Watch out!



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