ISIS: The "movie Nazis" for 21st century story telling

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright April 2015

There are a lot of movies going around in 2015 about rescuing art the Nazis were stealing when they conquered nations during World War II -- The Monuments Men and Woman in Gold being two examples.

It also seems in 2015 we are experiencing the equivalent with the ISIS iconoclasts busy destroying ancient art in Syria and Iraq. So... how long before we have movies about rescuing art from ISIS?

And perhaps a lot more.

ISIS is setting itself up to become the brutal conquerors in stories and tales told throughout the rest of the 21st century. They are open in their violence, even recording it themselves, and they have attracted a lot of intellectuals from all over the world to their cause.

Since the essence of ISIS is these are end-of-the-world times, when the times don't end there are going to be a lot of disappointed survivors who are going to become articulate story tellers in many fields.

Expect "movie ISIS" to become the "movie Nazis" of the 21st century.


--The End--