The Importance of the Wedding "Event" to Women

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright August 2015


Women love marriage, no doubt about that. The curious part is how much more they seem to enjoy the actual, tangible, wedding event than men do. Men like getting and being married. Women like those, plus the wedding event itself, plus the anniversaries. Now that times are changing, this difference in what is liked is producing an interesting twist in social rituals: women engaging in "single weddings".

This twist is mentioned in a 25 Jul 15 Economist article, I don’t As more women ditch or delay marriage, men tie themselves in knots, which in addition to describing how pervasive single life is becoming for women in Korea, also notes this above mentioned side twist on the phenomenon.

From the article, "Some studios are offering “single weddings”: photo shoots for unmarried women in bridal gowns. Park Hong-joon, who owns a photo agency in Seoul, has heard wedding guests say they wanted their special-day snaps to be taken in their prime. He now offers dresses and stylists as part of a single-wedding package."

As noted above, the interesting part about this activity is it indicates how important the wedding event itself is to many women's thinking. The less strange activities that indicate this importance are:

o women are more likely to pony out the wedding album

o women are more consistent at remembering anniversaries


This importance of the wedding event itself is yet another interesting difference in the thinking between men and women. As of now, I can't think of any good reason why evolution would support this difference, but it is real and well developed, so there should be one.


--The End--