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Roger Bourke White Jr.

How to beat the "Resource Curse" -- with Los Angeles and South Korea being examples (Oct 16)

Visible Personal Sacrifice leading to strange rituals -- yet another case of instictive thinking supporting strange rituals (Oct 16)

"A pox on rent-seekers!" ...but who is the rent-seeker? -- First on the list: finding a good defintion (Aug 16)

What will thinking be like in the TES environment? -- The dream is coming, how will it change how humans think? (Aug 16)

What will the China Debt Crash look like? -- This is future forecasting. I'm predicting a China Bust (Jun 16)

Us versus Them in Business Culture -- it is a strong instinct, and a powerful tool, which means it must be thought about and used carefully (Mar 16)

When "Rights Thinking" blocks Progress -- supporting "I'm poor. I've got my rights." is noble thinking, but it impedes growing prosperity (Mar 16)

Applying "Tattoos and T-Shirts" to the future -- life is going to get even more beautiful, expensive and ritual-filled (Jan 16)

"You should aspire to [something]." -- Rites of Passage will be changing in 2050. (Jan 16)