Blame Plants For Climate Change

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright December 2018

Who to Blame

These days there's a lot of talk about which humans to blame for our current climate change issues, and how much to be worried about them.

But, if you want to point fingers at the really big climate change culprit, point them at... plants!

Plants are the ones who have done the most to change our atmosphere and in changing that they have changed the climate as well. If we didn't have plants our atmosphere would be a mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, not a mix of nitrogen and oxygen. If we had lots more carbon dioxide the temperature would be a lot higher. Our atmosphere would be a lot more like Venus', and compared to Earth Venus is a red-hot place.

So keep in mind that what humans have done to change Earth's climate over the last hundred years is really small potatoes compared to what plants have done over the last billion years.



--The End--