The Virtue of a Big Vision

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright July 2019


One of the things that makes a community more comfortable to live in is having a Big Vision.

A Big Vision is a concept that much of the community can join together in aspiring to achieve. The value of this is that it helps resolve petty disputes. If an argument begins over supporting an upcoming plan, one way to help resolve the argument is to ask, "How does this fit into the Big Vision?" Answering that can make people on both sides of the argument more comfortable, and this is the virtue. In sum, it reduces the time and attention spent on squabbling, and this is something communities recognize as being valuable.

Some historical examples:

o The Cold War -- "Is this plan helping us defeat the Communists?"

o Manifest Destiny -- "Is this plan helping us grow America from sea to shining sea?"

o The World Wars -- "Is this plan helping us win the war?"

Some contemporary examples:

o Climate Change -- "Is this plan helping our climate?"

o Health Care -- "Is this plan helping people get adequate health care?"

In sum, the virtue of having a strong Big Vision is that it makes it easier for communities to decide on courses of action. This helps the community avoid wasting time and attention on distractions, and communities find this comfortable.



--The End--