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Roger Bourke White Jr.


Exciting Events and Market Bubbles -- what's the relation? (May 20)

What happens when Venezuela tries to fix itself? -- it will likely be an uncertain and scary time (Jul 19)

A Fun Example of Instinctive Thinking -- Go Fetch! (Jul 19)

A History Pattern -- A deeply surprising and scary event leads to an instinct-based response which is expensive and ineffectual (Jul 19)

The Virtue of a Big Vision -- why communities like these (Jul 19)

Science, Business and Reality -- who gets reality right more consistently? (Jan 19) Part Two (Jun 19)

Blame Plants For Climate Change -- They did it! THEY DID IT! (Dec 18)

When to Cooperate, When to Betray? -- which is likely? check the circumstances (Oct 18)

What comes next in governing organizations? -- times and technologies are changing, so should political structures (Sep 18)

The importance of a community having a Big Vision -- it makes big things happen (Aug 18)

Why Expense Matters in Social Issues -- waste happens if expense is not kept in mind (Feb 18)

How money effects cooperation -- money styles effect cooperation styles (an LTUE presentation) (Feb 18)

Tattoos and T-Shirts mixing with Driverless Cars (Jan 18)

Will #LongHours be added to #MeToo? -- ambition can display itself in many ways. Likewise complaining about the sacrifices for ambition can display in many ways too (Jan 18)