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Cyreenik Says Editorials

Welcome to the Editorials section of Cyreenik Says. Editorials are written by Roger Bourke White Jr., and they are more wide-ranging in subject matter than the Current Events section. (note: T&T below is short for Tattoos and T-Shirts my observation of how a new technology displaces and older one)

Editorials of 2018-20 -- Science/Business/Reality, Big Vision importance, Expense Matters in Social Issues, Money and Cooperation, #LongHours, Driverless Cars and Tattoos and T-Shirts

Editorials of 2017 -- Driverless cars and airplanes, The two goals of legal rituals, Strong language skills, Complacency's threat to progress, Brexit mania, Knowledge Wilderness

Editorials of 2016 -- T&Ts and humanity, new rites of passage, "I've got my rights." thinking, Us v. Them in company cultures, the coming Debt Bust in China, VPS supporting tipping and sign holding, beating the Resource Curse

Editorials of 2015 -- delusion in classrooms, T&T in marriage, new ways to prosperity, frictionless economy, domesticating humans, Time of Nutcases, Wedding Event, the new Movie Nazis, right government forms, Central Planning vs. Free Markets, Blame "Them", rape

Editorials from 2013 - 2014 -- Our Future Workplaces, Good Intentions Going Bad, Blind-spot Thinking, Enfranchisement, Other

Editorials from 2009 - 2012 -- Community Booms/Busts (Midwest Disease), Commerce and Entrepreneurship, Education Systems, Human Thinking, Blind-spot Thinking, Social Justice and Good Intentions Going Bad, Book & Course Reviews, Other

Editorials from 2008 and earlier -- Enfranchisement, Human Thinking, Panics and Blunders, Historical Trends, Terrorism & 9-11, 2nd Gulf War, Religion and Neoreligion, Other

Other writings on history topics

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