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Science and Insight for Science Fiction Writing by Roger Bourke White Jr.

Good science fiction stories are about science and people.

So how do you put good science into a story that's about people? That's what this book is about.

It's about how science changes people's lives, and how to make that change an interesting story about people.

This is about making technofiction -- science fiction where science matters as much as people.

A Tales of Technofiction Book

Roger White is a careful observer of life and people, and he's done so from many interesting perspectives. He was a soldier in Vietnam in the '60's, a college student at MIT in the '70's, a computer network pioneer in the '80's and a teacher in Korea in the '90's.

Roger thinks about how technology affects how we live, and then writes about it.


Table of Contents

Volume One: Evolution of Technology

Tattoos and T-Shirts -- A Study in How New Tech Replaces Old Tech

On Birds and Boeings -- Thoughts on the surprises we can expect from genetic engineering

Differences Between High Technology and High Magic

Volume Two: Space Travel

Lifestyles on Interstellar Space Flights

Thoughts on Space Commerce -- What happens in an environment with starcraft that are constant acceleration, but slower than light speed

Thoughts on the Composition of Gas Giant Planets -- The Ooze Zone

How Hot is Venus? -- Not as hot as you might first suppose

Thoughts on Biosphere 2 and the Gardens of Starships

Volume Three: Evolution of Life

Ecological Booms, Busts and Flip-Flops

Save Mankind with Neolithic Park

On Gene Pools, Language, and Arranged Marriages

Good Times, Bad Times, and Genes

The Successes of the Grandfather are Visited on the Grandson -- or, "Mr. Evolution Cares About Your Granny"

Brides and Matrons, Big Males, and Flat Bodies -- More Thoughts on the Subtlety of the Human Design

What Valuable Trait is the Vitamin C "Screwed Up Gene" a Marker for?

Special Life-Creating Things About the Earth

The Accelerating Rate of Evolutionary Change -- How Long Will Man be Earth's Dominant Species? (And how will he know when he isn't?)

Volume Four: The Human Thinking Stack

The Thinking Stack -- Human Thinking in Terms of Processing Layers

The Thinking Stack, Part II -- Archive, Perception and Wisdom Building

The Sacred Masculine and Civilization

Advanced Leadership and Followership -- Two Modern Human Skills

On Language and Life Span

Why Humans Like to Drink Soft Drinks

Thoughts on Prostitution

Intelligence Without Nerves

What Makes Civilization Worth the Trouble?

Thoughts on Religion and Self-Awareness

Thoughts on the Y2K Crisis

Mania and Markets

Volume Five: The 9-11 Disaster: A Textbook Case in Fear

The Anatomy of Memorable Disasters

Post-September 11th -- The American Panic of the 2000’s (Written in November 2001)

NASA Abandons Hubble -- An Incarnation of "Lifeboats on the Titanic" Thinking

Worshipping at the Altar of the Holy Metal Detector

Volume Six: Other Topics

Why Do Stars Shine For So Long?

An Inexpensive Earth Terraforming Project -- Desalinating the Oceans

Thinking About Deltas -- The Nile-style "Delta" Delta and the Mississippi-style "Bird's Foot" Delta

Thoughts on how to use the video part of a TV broadcast to better report news

Teaching TV 101 in High School

Volume Seven: Humanity’s Place in the Universe

God and Man, Part One -- Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse: The Relation Between
Creators and Creations

God and Man, Part Two -- Roger White and Mickey Ratsass: The Story of a Creator and his Creation

How Small Can Mankind's Universe Be?

Is Religion Distinctively Human?

The Cow-Human Relation, from the Cow Perspective