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How Evolution Explains the Human Condition
Why We See Beauty
by Roger Bourke White Jr.

We are evolved. Humans are a high performance fit for living on Earth. Our thinking is also high performance. But it's high performance for living in the Stone Age.

This book is about the ramifications of this premise, and these ramifications can help you better understand people in the world around you.

Learn about

o How the human Thinking Stack shapes our thinking

o When Panic Thinking and Blunder response are looming

o Blind Spots and the huge expenses they cause us

Learn… be prepared… and prosper

Roger's Business and Insight Series

Roger White is a careful observer of life and people, and he's done so from many interesting perspectives. He was a soldier in Vietnam in the 60's, an engineering student at MIT in the 70's, a computer networking pioneer in the 80's, and a teacher in Korea in the 90's.

Roger now forecasts business, political and social tends using the concepts present in this book.