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Visions of 2050: Rise of the Cyber Muses
by Roger Bourke White Jr.

Welcome to 2050… what the real 2050 could be like.

This book is about what life will be like when "cyber" is prolific, self-aware, and in full control of large scale industry, service and transportation. There will be fascinating changes in how humans live, and what they think about.

Some changes you will read about are:

o Cyber muses – “Behind every great man… er, person there is a good wom… er, cyber muse!”

o Wearables and surveillance – these mean fast fixing of problems in both machines and people. Privacy? Third fiddle to fast fixy and inspiring body and mind altering.

o Total Entitlement State – Necessities fully covered! …now how about human wants and feelings?

The chapters in this book are of two styles:
o Essays describing what changes will be happening
o Stories that put a deeply human twist on the ramifications of these changes

In this much-changed world what will people be experiencing, what will they be thinking about, and what will they be aspiring for? These are the questions being asked and answered in…

Visions of 2050

Roger's Tales of Technofiction Series

Roger White is a careful observer of life and people, and he's done so from many interesting perspectives. He was a soldier in Vietnam in the 60's, an engineering student at MIT in the 70's, a computer networking pioneer in the 80's, and a teacher in Korea in the 90's.

Roger thinks about how technology changes our lives and sometimes writes about it in the science fiction format... Technofiction.


Here is an example of the media and industry leaders catching up with one of my predictions.

This 20 Jun 17 WSJ article, The End of Car Ownership Ride sharing and self-driving vehicles will redefine our relationship with cars. Auto makers and startups are already gearing up for the change. by Tim Higgins, shows the media and car companies catching up with my thinking on driverless cars.

From the article, "Cars are going to undergo a lot of changes in the coming years.

One of the biggest: You probably won’t own one.

Thanks to ride sharing and the looming introduction of self-driving vehicles, the entire model of car ownership is being upended—and very soon may not look anything like it has for the past century."