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Roger White


  • Author of 15 books: human thinking, science fiction, history, business history, romance and how-to
  • Well degreed: MIT Chemical Engineering and U of Phoenix MBA
  • Well traveled: Worked in five countries, traveled in 20
  • Fun stuff: pilot and sports enthusiast (the playing kind, not the watching kind)
  • Wide-ranging real world experience: rocket scientist, Vietnam vet, high-tech industry pioneer, businessman, and overseas teacher


Roger has been around. His motto is, "I've been there, done that, and while I was doing it I took notes."

He fought in the Vietnam War in the '60's, he studied engineering at MIT in the '70's, he helped pioneer personal computers and computer networking in the '80's, and in the 2000's he taught English in Korea. Roger was an internet pioneer, he started his White World web site in 1996. And a movie maker. This movie he made, Twist of the Tool, he filmed at MIT in 1975 and is about Kirk and Spock having an adventure at MIT. Take a look, it's fun, and it's a slice of life at MIT in 1975.

Roger is the author of fifteen books, one of which has sold over 20,000 copies. The book topics range from exploring human thinking (Roger's Business and Insight series) through Roger's style of science fiction (Tales of Technofiction) to history, romance and how-to.

Roger spent his early post-college years working first in chemical engineering and then high tech marketing. This has had a big influence on his writing. Early on he learned that the question, "OK, you've made it. Now what is it good for?" was at the heart of every high tech breakthrough. This is the real-world future, and this is the central theme of his Technofiction science fiction stories -- showing what a difference technology makes to the characters experiencing it. This change of focus from moving a character through a conventional story format to showing how technology affects a character and his or her choices means Technofiction stories are surprising: readers don't say, "I've read that before."

In his later years Roger added investigating human thinking to his explorations. The first thinking mystery he wrote about was, "Why was the Titanic disaster so famous?" He has since come up with several models of human thinking that are useful predictors of how people will act in various situations. These are in his Business and Insight books.

Roger now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and has four children and seven grandchildren. He has wonderful tales of the many cats and dogs he has lived with over the years.


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