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Roger Bourke White Jr.



  • Well degreed: BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT, MBA from U of Phoenix, CELTA from Elite Training, Bangkok
  • Experienced: Toastmasters ATM and club founder, convention speaker
  • Reliable and popular: Invited to return to speak again
  • Wide-ranging real world experience: column writer, businessman, rocket scientist and teacher


If you're looking for an entertaining generalist speaker who is well versed in current events, business, history, science and human motivation, we should talk.


I enjoy learning about new concepts and cultures. And I find that my ability to weave those experiences into interesting stories keeps audiences engaged. I understand where many technical and scientific concepts come from, what they mean, and why they are important to our lives.


I enjoy chronicling why events happen and investigating the forces behind them. I write continually about my travels and the forces behind many business, historic and scientific phenomena. (see my White World site) To see more about my abilty to reach audiences visit the web site of the school where I taught from 2002 to 2008, Michigan Language Academy. (As you look through it, keep in mind that I developed the site, maintained it, and shot most of the pictures that are displayed in it.)

Here is more information on my formal education, publications/speaking, professional experience, and certifications.

References available on request


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