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More than most people, Roger has been there and done that, and while he was doing it, he was taking notes.

Roger was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio when the Midwest was the heart of the American post-WWII manufacturing powerhouse. His father was a prominent businessman there, and his aunt, Margaret Bourke-White, began her photographic career in Cleveland.

Roger had wanderlust. After graduating from high school he left Cleveland and got to many places in America and over the world. He was a soldier in Vietnam in the 1960's, an engineering student at MIT in the 1970's, and a computer networking pioneer in Utah in the 1980's. In the 1990's he traveled to Korea, Australia and New Zealand, teaching computer networking and English as a second language (ESL). He has traveled to twenty countries and worked in five.

He has also worked in many different environments. He has worked as a marketing director at a high tech startup, a rocket scientist at a large government sub-contractor, an air traffic controller in the military, and an academic director at a language school in Korea.

His writings reflect that wide experience base.

What to look for when you are reading Roger's works:

Roger's stories have a distinct tone. In his fiction writing, Roger is careful that his worlds are internally consistent, and that his characters don't act like fools in their worlds. This means his characters develop differently, they tend to be cooperative rather than confrontive, and polite and optimistic.

In his non-fiction writing consistency is also important. Roger finds patterns that explain why things have happened in the past, and, even more important he goes on to explain how these patterns can help predict what will happen in the future.

Watch for these traits, they make for interesting results!

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