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What's distinctive about Roger's outlook?


Roger's view of the world is distinct. Roger is a careful observer, and what he watches for is how science and technology change our world.

For example:

Q: How did Columbus finding America change our world?

A: The answer is that Europeans ultimately got cigarettes, french fries and pizzas, and South Americans got Spanish and Portugese as their native tongues.

Q: And why didn't Americans learn Norse instead of Spanish?

A: Because the Vikings didn't have the ship technology or social unrest to follow up their discovery with millions of immigrants.


This is how Roger views the world and talks about it.


The result: Roger's viewpoints are very fun, but very solidly based in contemporary science. They are fresh and valuable!


What is available now


Roger has his opinions posted on his White World web site. They are broken into sections. Here are the more interesting ones:


If you would like to hear what Roger has to say, please contact him.

Other Fun Facts about Roger



Roger is a careful observer of the human condition, technology and history, and this is what he writes and talks about.


He paid his dues, but he paid them in interesting ways.


Roger's current interest is exploring why people think the way they do. This interest lead him to develop his Panic and Blunder Thinking model, which can explain when a person, or a community, is likely to make a big, expensive mistake -- a blunder.

Roger's model is based on long thinking about how evolution has molded human thinking. Roger's basic premise is that human beings are a very good fit for living on earth. But, the lifestyle that humans are best adapted to living in is being in a Stone Age village, not a modern civilized city with all its conveniences.

So, how does this affect our thinking?

This is the question that Roger works hard at answering.


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