Arguing Pro and Con on the Iraq War

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright July 2013


The assignment is to argue in favor of and against going to war with Iraq, the second time. Both sides should be convincing.

The source movies for this discussion are Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) by Michael Moore and Fahrenhype 9/11 (2004) by Alan Peterson.

Pro War

o Saddam Hussein is a ruthless leader, a tyrant, who commits heinous crimes on his own people, including torture and using weapons of mass destruction.

o He covertly supports terrorism and overtly supports extreme violence against Israel and the Jews.

o He would have been happy to develop nuclear weapons and use them to support his causes. He had tried during the 1980's, but Israel bombed his facilities and the UN sanctioned him.

o He is a warmonger. He fought an eight-year long war with Iran that ended in 1988. He then invaded Kuwait to pay for the above in 1990. And following that he was then in violation of UN resolutions to inspect Iraq for nuclear and WMD weapons manufacture after that second war ended in 1991. He would have been killing more Kurds if it weren't for the "no fly zones" maintained by US air power after the 1990 war.

o He is running Iraq into the ground. The oil is not flowing, the electricity is not flowing, the people are getting poorer. The discontent and repression are both growing. It is time for regime change.

o War is good for business and more business will help the US economy recover from the DotCom Bust. When Saddam is deposed and a good democratic government installed, the restored oil flow in Iraq will help the Iraq economy grow.

o It is important for terrorists and their secret supporters know that if they mess with America, America will mess them back in a serious way.

o This is going to be a great step in bringing democracy and all-around better government to the Middle East region. These better governments will fight terrorism on its home ground.

Anti War

o Saddam Hussein is not directly connected with al-Qaeda.

o He is ruthless, but that's because Iraq is a power keg of conflicting ethnic cultures who are ready, willing and able to drown the country in violence and chaos.

o Bush and his cronies are going after Iraq for the oil profits there.

o Bush and his daddy's cronies (same as his cronies above) are going after Iraq because Bush Sr.'s war in 1991 hadn't toppled Saddam as they expected.

o War is good for business and more business would help the economy grow... grow the wealth of these Bush cronies, that is.

o This war is not just. The reason given for starting the war -- Saddam having weapons of mass destruction -- has not been proven. It's still rumor.

o Unlike Bush Sr.'s war, it is not widely supported around the world. Bush Jr. is being too hasty. There should be more talk first.

o The Bush administration, and Americans in general, are prepared to pay for the war. But they have given very little thought to paying for the much more expensive nation-building which will follow.

o If this war produces more uncertainty and violence in the region, it will be defeating its own purpose.


The most important lesson to learn from the Iraq War is that you don't fight terrorism with wars, spies and soldiers. You fight it with police, lawyers and stable communities that have a vested interest in being peaceful.

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--The End--