Topics inspired by my History 2710 class
(US History since 1877)

The text book for this history class is "Give Me Liberty" by Eric Foner. Three other books assigned were "Death in the Haymarket", "Dust Bowl" and "Urban Crisis". (My opinion: This was three times too much reading!)

01 - Thoughts of August (Reconstruction, Guided Age) (Aug 14)

02 - Thoughts of September (Blood-letting Wars, Proxy Wars, Haymarket)(Sep 14)

03 - Thoughts of October (Dust Bowl book review, How "What it means to be an American" Has Evolved Over The Decades, Urban Crisis book review) (Oct 14)

04 - Thoughts of November (Length of work day, King and Malcolm X, Dueling Long Telegraphs) (Nov 14)

05 - Thoughts of December (Why the Red Scare was scary for so long) (Dec 14)