Topics inspired by my History 1220 class
(Asian History)

02 - Thoughts of April
o The Qing Empire Time of Troubles in the 1800's

01 - Thoughts of March
o Europe, East Asia, South Asia and the Industrial Revolution
o Exportable Religions

Topics inspired by my History 1460 class
(Modern Middle East History)

The text book for this history class is "A History of Modern Middle East" by Cleveland and Bunton.

04 - Thoughts of April
o Are "Puppet Rulers" Weak Rulers?
o Primary Documents, Khomeini, and the 1979 Iran Revolution
o Thoughts on Operation Ajax (Iran coup of 1953)
o What ISIS really wants
o How important is seeing the primary documentation?
(Apr 15)

03 - Thoughts of March
o Imperialism versus nationalism: when do each work best?
o Late 1940s: a hard time to be a British imperialist
o Bank panics and social revolution
o Comparing Gulf Wars
(Mar 15)

02 - Thoughts of February
o Era of BRIC over?
o Big Vision
o Definitive biographies of religion starters
o Root of all evil
o Sykes–Picot Agreement
(Feb 15)

01 - Thoughts of January
o It's the same old song...
o Tolerance versus "back to the roots"
(Jan 15)