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Passionate on Passion

by Roger Bourke White Jr. and Toby White
copyright Roger Bourke White Jr., August 2005


After seeing Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of Christ" my brother, Toby, and I started an e-mail dialog about the movie and its implications. Toby is a devout Catholic. I'm a devout evolutionist, and we ended up covering a lot of interesting subjects, and coming up with some interesting views on those subjects.

I hope you find this enjoyable.

Note on the format: This is a collection of e-mails sent over a several week period. I have collected the e-mails from one side of the conversation which include a copy of the other side, and done some modest editing, but I have not tried to remove the e-mail format of what follows...

The parts Roger has written are in italics

The parts Toby has written are in normal text.

> something with a angle bracket in front of it came from a previous e-mail.

>> something with two angle brackets came from two previous e-mails. (and so on)

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