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Thoughts on Two Books:

Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life

(What on Earth am I here for?)


Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright August 2008


This spring and summer I read two interesting books, "The Purpose Driven Life" and "The God Delusion". What are recorded here are my thoughts as I was reading them. More specifically, these are my thoughts that argue with or enhance what I was reading. Since I am basically in agreement with Dawkins and not in agreement with Warren, I wrote a lot more about my Warren thoughts. As I was reading Dawkins I spent a lot of time saying, "Umm... yup... yup... yeah." so I didn't write much. With Warren it was a case of, "What!... What!... What! How can you say that!" so I wrote a lot more.

Both were good reads, both added to my knowledge and insight, and I recommend both as good books on their topics.

-- Roger

On The Purpose Driven Life

In spring of 2008 I was given this book by my good friend Daniel Lee (Lee Se-Jong) who thought I might find it a good read.

I looked at it quickly and found it was a basic convert-to-Christianity book. The author recommends reading just a chapter a day, and the chapters are just a few pages long.

Doing a few pages a day didn't sound bad and I decided I would journal my own thoughts as I read.

What you see here are my thoughts about Christianity as I read Rick Warren's book. The thoughts address the subjects that Rick Warren brings up on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Have fun with this,

-- Roger

Chapters 0-15 Chapters 16-30 Chapters 31-40

On The God Delusion

The first Dawkins book I read was "The Selfish Gene" and I enjoyed it. I'm an evolutionist, and I found his insights to be good ideas that deepened my own understanding of evolution.

Now I'm giving this book, "The God Delusion" a try. The topic is closely related to "The Purpose Driven Life", both are about the value of Christianity, so I'm blogging it as well, and putting the results here.

Chapters 0-10    

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