more Pictures from Korea

by Roger Bourke White Jr.

Taejun Expo in 1990's The pride of Korea in the mid-90's: The Taejon Expo. It closed, then reopened for many years as the Taejon Science Park.
It was jam-packed with futuristic buildings and fountains.
I loved it!... went several times.
Ceramics Expo Ten years later, another big expo: The Ceramics Expo in Yoju.
This one was more traditional in its theme.
I'm in a traditional picnic pavillion, at Korean Folk Village, with some very up-to-date students of mine.
songnisan An here I'm at another traditional sight, at a traditional time: it's cherry blossom time at Mount Songnisan in central Korea.


sculpure in SF airport
above: sculpture in San Fransisco airport -- below: looking down on America, San Fransisco, to be exact.


taejon mountain Mountain climbing in Korea. Yes, this is as steep and scary as it looks. Worse, I ran out of film, and had to reload where this picture was taken! This is Taejon Mountain, central Korea.
It gets a little easier. I came for to see these neat bridges in person.
three ladies Dessert on the journey. I had a chance to rest and talk with these three lovely ladies. I loved mountain climbing in Korea!
A three-log bridge at Korean Folk Village. Tricky... but not as tricky as the one-log bridge!
glyph rock A glyph-carved rock.
two ladies sitting on a bench Two of my students in a park near the school.