Pictures from Korea: 2005/6

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright Sep 2006


The rise of Santa Clause

In 2005 I let my beard grow long, and to my delight, I picked up the nickname of Santa Claus.
I had fun in Korea, and my students had fun, too. Here are a couple of sweethearts I taught for four days at Mikum Elementary School in eastern Kyonggi province.
Here are some other members of the Mikum school class.
This girl was another sweetheart. I don't know how long she spent at it, but she made this wonderful poster for me.
It reads, "I love English teacher."
Here are some more Mikum students clowning for the camera.
Wow! I'm signing autographs at another school. When I do stuff such as this, I always think of Roger Miller's song "Kansas City Star."


Who is this pig-nosed little devil?

It's Jennifer! She's celebrating World Cup season.

Left hand... right hand... OK, what do I call the other two?

These are Michigan Language Academy (MLA) students clowning around for the camera.

Care for a spin?

One way of learning real estate English is to play Monopoly.

Yes... I think we may have to take this in... or...

Trying on Roger's coat.

... you can both take it home!


New technology brings new possibilities.
With film cameras it was hard to get a focus this close.
And you sure couldn't admire the results seconds later.
At MLA we worked on body language as well as spoken English.
What would Halloween be without a Groucho mask?
Some budding artists at work, on a familiar subject.
Learning some more about world geography.