SLCC PICS of 2008

Pictures taken by Roger Bourke White Jr.


Acting Class at Salt Lake Community College 2008



A tense moment in a dramatic scene.

more dialog

___ and ___ doing a scene outside.
I get my moment in the sun. I'm Captain Keller in "The Miracle Worker" scolding Anne Sullivan, who will become Helen Keller's tutor.


Rehearsing Dialog

Keven and Daniel have set up a prop for a scene with a man ready to jump from a bridge, talking to a mysterious "watcher".
Denny, our teacher, is watching with baited breath.
___ is thinking about what bait he will use next weekend on the Provo River.


... and Ukelele Lady like you

Not quite a banjo, but fun to fool around with none-the-less.

Let me guess...

___ and Amy in an exercise in acting class.
Wow, peace sign isn't just in Korea! Kevin is another fellow student in my acting class.

Just who's ukelele?

Daniel is from Maui, and it's his ukelele.


Lights... Camera... Action!
Scenes from film class

"You put this monitor on upside down, so the image is right side up."

Channing, our teacher, talks about the fine points of some camera equipment with Beau and Ismene.

It's all in the hands... and the lens

Getting a camera set up for a shot.
I found this camera setup surprisingly complex, because a second lens is often added in front of the camera's built-in lens (which is happening in this picture).
Seems like a lot of trouble... but if you want the good lens directly attached to the camera, be prepared to fork over several tens of thousands of dollars for a much more expensive camera.

Surfin... Surfin...
Dolly surfin... Oh yeah!

This is a dolly. You can put a camera on it, and move the camera smoothly when there's action in a shot.

It's good for lots of other things, too!

First, let me show you a magic trick...

David and Curtis are getting the lighting right for a scene.

"Smile, there are a mill... a dozen people watching."

It's audition time. Aspiring actors come to show their stuff to aspiring film makers.
Here are part of the dozen people.