SLCC Film Class 2040, February 2010

The class' first assignment: make a spoof commercial.

Brian Dayley is in front of the green screen acting as spokesperson for Cyberdyne in a spoof Skynet commercial.

He is pitching the T-10 LSO (Life System Organizer).

Here is Channing's quick version of the result.

Here Channing Lowe is acting as director, Gien Simister is the camera man, Drew Lawrence and Luis Sanchez are watching.



Left we have Aaron Marstella getting ready for his moody cupcake scene.


Below left we have Gien and Hillary Higgens setting up the camera for a closeup shot of the cupcake.


And below we have Tim Sabuca and much of the class looking at cuts from the previous session. One of the scenes in that session was Paul Gibbs being a Cyberdyne technician monitoring a Skynet display.