Utah Pictures of 2009

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright April 2009


Whooeee! Utah Monsoon Season brings a cloudburst

downpouring rain The last of June brought peculiar weather to Utah, a summer monsoon.
Two days earlier, the strong winds of a microburst had blown lots of dead branches off the old poplar trees nearby.
Now this ... Whooeee!
Was I happy to be shooting from inside my cozy, dry, apartment? You betcha!


Spring Storm in Skull Valley -- March

cloud covered mountainside A spring storm moves through western Utah. This is taken in Skull Valley, an hour west of Salt Lake City.
lonely tree not much to see...
cow beside road ... but you do have to keep your eyes open. This is open range land, and I saw six carcasses which testified to the fact that some people didn't keep their eyes open enough.
"no high level nuclear waste" sign But, this was The Surprise of the Month for me.
You can't make this stuff up! No one would believe you if you did!
It says, "High Level Nuclear Waste Prohibited Except by Permit"
How many of these signs are you going to see in the US?


Ummm... can't beat it with a stick!

Mount Olympus, overlooking Salt Lake City, on a crisp, clear afternoon. Taken while I was on a walk near my home in January.



Pictures shot from the I-15 freeway in the Mount Nebo area, about two hours south of Salt Lake City.

This was the day after a January snow storm.