Utah Pictures 2010

by Roger Bourke White Jr.

Bryce Canyon in February

Time for a road trip! And time to work on a new photo technique, HDR -- High Dynamic Range photography.


So, Bryce Canyon is the destination, but to get there I drive four and half hours by some very nice Utah mountain scenery.


These scenics are on I-15 south of Mount Nebo.




As the sun set, I drove through Red Canyon, 20 miles west of Bryce Canyon.


As my friend Martin Prier says, "If Red Canyon weren't on Bryce Canyon's doorstep, it would be a famous national park, too."


I reached Ruby's Inn as night fell, and prepared for some Bryce Morning Glory.




I was up at dawn... but My Goodness it was cold!

The temperature gage in my truck shivered at between 0F and 12F! (-18C to -12C)

I had to give up on doing HDR pictures because I didn't have gloves so I couldn't handle the tripod.

So these are regular digital photos, not HDR.

Umm... but I still like them!

Bryce is 7,700 to 8,000 feet in altitude, which is the same as the base elevations for ski resorts in the Salt Lake City area.

Yes, there was lots of snow here as well as it being stinking cold.

The snow was so cold it was really crunchy, and sparkly, too.




This was Monday at sunrise in Febrary. I had the place to myself as I drove in.

Some other people showed up as I was driving out.

And, by then the sun was warming things up, so it was a lot more comfortable.

Here is some more sparkly snow.


Part of what is on these trees is snow, and part is hoar frost -- something you get when the air is cold.


Hoar frost can produce some really fun effects in sunrise light.


As these photos show well.


And that's what I have for you.


I'll be back, some other time, to get the HDR versions of Bryce.


But, HDR or no, Bryce is quite a sight in the winter time.