The people of 313th ASD

Party time, when I was a mid-timer.

These are the people of the 313th ASD while I was there.

The Commander

Lt. Col. Robert G. Cox, commander of the 313th.

The Controllers

Jolly Hawkins. He was tower chief during the first half of my stay.
Don Davis: Don was also a short timer when I arrived, and left soon after this photo.
John Smith: John arrived when I was a short timer. It was common in Vietnam of that era for short timers not to pay much attention to long timers, and I was as guilty as any, so I don't remember much about him.
Ray West (shown here in a Saigon Rickshaw): Ray was a classmate whom I saw off and on while in Vietnam. He stayed in the 125th when I moved to the 313th.
Bill DeFreeze
Dave "Mac" MacFarland
Donald Yadon
Ed Horn
Preston Baldwin
Robert Parker
Tom Reiger
Terry Perkins
Roger White

Avionics and Maintenance

Dave Smith, Avionics
Mike Bryant
Leonard Garcia


Daniel Donahue, Senior NCOIC
Dan Cullis
Jeff Bradley
Reginald Best
Frank Barrist
Jesse Cerda