The Work: Things happening at Hotel 3

Hotel 3 tower, 1968, by Roger White Helicopters is what Hotel 3 was all about. This was the busiest heliport in Vietnam with about 300 operations a day. It was far busier than nearby Tan San Nhut in number of operations.
Choppers coming in ranged from the tiny Bell Ranger, such as this one, up to the huge Sikorsky cargo choppers carrying broken Chinooks below them. When those big boys came in their downdraft would blow up loose paper and trash a half mile in all directions.
This is what a Sikorsky would bring in. Chinooks would be overhauled at Hotel 3.
Crew chiefs checking out the main rotor before a flight.
Overhauling Chinooks in the Hotel 3 main hangar.
You never knew what you would find in one of these when you did the overhaul.
These are the airport firefighters...
... and occasionally they had work to do.