Pictures around Korea

photos by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright 2018


These are pictures from my first year teaching in Korea.

They are of my home, students I taught, teachers I worked with and places I visited.


This is the apartment where I lived and scenes of the streets around it.


Lots of building going on nearby, including a big church going up.



Students and teachers

Some of the students I taught.



Fellow teachers out doing some exploring of the neighborhood.




These are shots taken at a Korean temple.




These are shots taken at Korean Folk Village. It's an open air museum near Suwon showing how Koreans lived in the Joseon dynasty era, just prior to the arrival of lots of Western influence.


A good luck tree. People leave offerings of various sorts here.


Swings and seesaws -- Koreans of that era handled them a bit differently.



Bridges also came in many varieties.