Pictures around MIT

photos by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright 2018


Me at MIT

These are pictures of me while I was attending MIT. The first one is of me in one of my rooms in Baker House dorm.
This is me at a "birthday shower", a tradition at Baker House. The sign is talking about BooRay. This was a card game I played just once while I was in the army, then introduced to Baker House. It became quite popular there for a year or two before the D&D craze took over.
I started flying while in the army. I became a private pilot while at MIT. I later got my commercial pilot's licence, but never made much use of it.
Pictures of me with Shade, the family's pet dog whom I took with me on some of my travels.


Horsing around in Baker House at MIT

Life in Baker House was full of surprises. These are shots of some of the people making them happen.


Pictures of Sue while I was at MIT
This was my car while I was at MIT: a Datsun 2000.

Riot Day at MIT

1974 was a time with lots of student unrest over the Vietnam War. MIT experienced just one day of that unrest. Here are some pictures of it.
Watching from the far side of Mass. Ave.
This was the damage that brought the police. Some "outside agitators" had pushed a dumpster on to Mass. Ave.
In the afternoon the police moved on the observers and chased them across campus. These guys are watching while the chasing is in progress.
The day after the riot many students and teachers started a "strike" to protest how harsh the police response had been.