Letter of recommend, CompUSA

Saturday, November 28, 1998

To whom it may concern:

I'm Joe Rangel, head of the training center at CompUSA in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I have worked with Roger White for about nine months now, while I've been training center manager. During this time Roger has taught many kinds of classes for me: he has taught applications classes such as the elements of Microsoft Office 97, and technical classes for those gaining the A+ certification. But his best skills show up when he teaches advanced technical classes, such as those he has conducted for students seeking a Novell CNE certification.

Roger is a responsible teacher. He doesn't miss classes, he shows up ahead of time and double checks the classroom. He goes to class prepared, and he isn't flustered in front of the students when things don't go right. (He does, however, let me know, so I'm and aware of what's happening and I can work to make sure that any problems don't recur.)

Roger has a deep technical background, and this shows in his teaching. He knows what he's talking about, and he brings personal experience to all his classes. He is also a team player. The other teachers and I have called upon him numerous times to help resolve crisis in classes and courses he isn't teaching. He's always willing to help, and can usually find a solution.

He will go the extra mile. When he looked at the hardware that was available to teach the NetWare Service and Support class and found it lacking, he arranged for more suitable facilities at which that class could be taught.

Finally, Roger has great rapport with the students. He teaches to them, he listens; he can handle classes with students of wide-ranging ability and he keeps the learning experience positive.

All in all, Roger does an excellent job of teaching classes here at CompUSA and I do not hesitate to call upon him in any way.

Sincerely yours,

Joe Rangel, Training Center Business Manager, CompUSA, Salt Lake City store