Christmas Pics for 2008, 09, 10

by Roger Bourke White Jr.

family gathered


Christmas Pics for 2010

Jason and Jaden

Christmas Pics for 2009

Jason and Jaden Jason and Jaina
Jan Altair, Ben and Sue with a new tractor from Alan.
Alan trying to get the tractor out of its package.
Sucess! Alan and Jaden.
Ben with some neat new work glasses, courtesy of my tour through Varian X-ray a few weeks earlier.
Adrienne and Jaina.
Reading "The Night Before Christmas".

Christmas Pics for 2008

family gathered
Jason and Jaden Ben and Jaden showing off.
Jan Jaina, too.
Ben showing off some more...
While Alan watches.
Jaden has a new flashing ball.
Jason and Jaina.
Adrienne is having fun, too...
And Roger. He got four towels for presents, so here he's being the Nativity scene Towel Merchant.

(You don't see a lot of this character in traditional nativity scenes, because he's considered too commercial to fit in with the Chirstmas spirit.)
And here was the Christmas "spread" just before the present opening began.