Colorado Trip, April 2010

by Roger Bourke White Jr.


Time to move furniture to the kids and grandkids.

Ben, Jaina and Jaden watch Sue get my pickup ready for hauling lots of stuff from Greeley to Salt Lake.

Roger III, Jason, Adrienne and Jaina move the hand truck down to Bonnie's basement.


Bonnie (waving in the back) watches as Jason and Roger move boxes to the pickup.


Filling up Jason's car with the overflow.


Almost ready for the homeward drive.




Interesting things to look at in Bonnie's house.



Back in Utah now. This is the scene in front of Roger III's new house near Hill AFB.


And here it is, as we unload what we brought from Bonnie's house.


The hand truck proves useful again.


Jaina has a ball exploring up and down, up and down. This house has four floors.