Roger's Photos for 2012 and 2013


homeless not phoneless

Here is my innovative photo of the year: I'm forecasting a surprise use of mobile payment technology.

Dev, my newest grandchild, with proud daddy Jason. Dev, my newest grandchild, with proud daddy Jason.
And with proud granddaddy And with proud granddaddy.
And with mommy and sister And with mommy and sister.
Ben on New Years Day Ben on New Years Day
Heather and Zack on New Years Day Heather and Zack on New Years Day



Roger being patron saint of "Stay off my lawn!"

off my lawn!

Jonny O needed some help on a photo class assignment. He wanted to do an equivalent to a Margaret Bourke White photo. He picked one of Aunt Peggy's sharecropper portraits. So here I am looking as much as I can like I'm living in the Deep South in the 1930's.

Now some party time photos from throughout the year: Ben, Jaden and Alan.



Happy Grandpa Photos
Skyler Kaminski at First Birthday (born May 1st, 2011)

Roger and Skyler Roger and Skyler

Last year and this year... Whoops! This year he's old enough to know I look strange and he's letting the world know.


Roger in Zombieland

The Summer Digital Media Essentials class did a zombie movie for the video assignment. The class acted, filmed, and then each of us edited the results. Here's my version.

Other fun shots

Roger catches the solar eclipse... well, tries to.

And the transit of Venus. Both happened this summer.

Stick a fork in it... wait!

Ah... the adventures of water bedding.

Alan and Altair help me put to rest a water bed that had sprung a leak. It turned into a bit more adventure than we wanted but the ending was happy... for me: New water bed successfully installed.