Roger's Photos for 2016


by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright 2016


Skyler's Birthday Party

homeless not phoneless


Number Five has come! Skyler with Altair.
Dev, my newest grandchild, with proud daddy Jason. Here with grandpa.
And with proud granddaddy ...and just HERE!
And with mommy and sister
Ben on New Years Day


MIT Club of Utah

Annual Meeting of the MIT Club of Utah


You have... 48 HOURS

here is the result: "Tender", a 5 min. musical

Clowning around while shooting a five minute movie for the Salt Lake 48 Hour Film Festival. The film has to be finished within 48 hours of getting the assignment.

Our group, Late Night Pizza, got... a musical? Whew! Pushing hard on the creative talent, but we got it completed.