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Welcome to Roger's Photo Gallery

There's a lot of photos here. They are divided up by various topics such as portraits, work-a-day, and travel. Have fun browsing through these.

2017 photos

2016 photos

2014 Adrienne's Birthday Party

photos from 2012/13

portraits of 2010

portraits of 2009

portraits of 2008 and earlier

Three Faces Photography

These are my portrait photos from around the world.

Family Photos of recent years

Roger's Housewarming 2010
Colorado trip to Grandma Bonnie's 2010

Jason and Adrienne's BBQ 2009

Xmas photos of 2008/09/10

Memorial Day 2011at Roger's

Vacation to Mount Rushmore 2009

Attending the Superstars Writing Seminar 2011 Experiencing the Ferrari Challenge at Miller Motorsports Park 2010

Other Roger Adventures

Lakeside Village Christmas Parties 2010/09

SLICK PICS --pictures while taking classes at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC)

Acting and film classes 2008

acting class finals 2008

Career Day and more film class 2008

Acting class 2009

Film class 2010

Korea in the 1990's

more Korea in the 1990's

Korea in 2004

Photos from various stays in Korea

Korea in 2006

Photos from other parts of the world

New Zealand 1998

Portland 2005

Bangkok 2005

Istanbul 2005

Vietnam War photos

Vietnam 1968

Utah scenic photos

Bryce Canyon 1999

Topaz Mountain 1999

Utah scenics 1990's

Southern Utah 2006

Big Cottonwood Canyon 2008

various in Utah 2009

Southern Utah 2010
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Roger's Video and Audio Gallery

Video Gallery

Audio/Video Gallery

Book Promotions

Videos pitching my various books

SLCC and Toastmasters Presentations in 2016

A presentation in March for the SLCC Business forum and a spontaneous speech for Toastmasters in August

45 min -- 2016 Spring Business Lecture - Roger White

10 min -- A presentation for Toastmasters on Human Thinking

Roger on Radio

KTKK 14 Jan 12: "Sector Five" about "Evolution and Thought"

1 min sample "don't matter"
2 min sample "language and big brain"
15 min part one
15 min part two
15 min part three
15 min part four
full 60 min (long load time)

KTKK 5 Mar 11: "Sector Five" with Stephanie Osborne

2 min sample 1 ... 2 min sample 2
... full 40 min

Science Speculation

Science, Economy, other topics I find interesting to talk about.



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