Pictures from 2008 and earlier

A mix of pictures from Korea and Utah

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Michigan Language Academy (MLA), Suwon, Korea

A big, black tennis racket?

Renna, one of my students at Michigan Language Academy in summer 2007, does some guessing about what she has in her hands.

American banjo and Turkish "banjo"

George Santana and I bring our stringed folk instruments to MLA one day. I brought my banjo and he brought his baglama saz, the national instrument of Turkey.
I have found my banjo to be very popular in my classes. The kids love listening to me play "Skip to my Lou" in either one finger, two finger or stumming style, and then they try. The surprising thing to me is that playing just that one tune is enough to provide interesting entertainment. Because it's such a novel learning experience for the students, just that one tune is sufficent to generate a lot of interest.
It's a good thing, because that's about one third of my banjo repetoire.

It's all in the hands

Suzie is one of my students who likes playing the banjo. She wonders how come I can strum it, and she can't yet. She figures it's all in the hands.

Sean and Cornstarch

Sean is my student at Michigan Language Academy in Korea. He is very dedicated and diligent... and some times that dedication and diligence is about school work!
Paying attention to his studies, or not, he loves to learn, and here he's showing me about the wonders of cornstarch.
Sean's classmates are Tim and Bryan. They are as colorful as Sean. (January 2007)


Mikum Elementary School

A pair of 4th grade sweethearts and Mikum Elementary School in eastern Kyonggi province. I was there for a four day summer break teaching session. The weather was hot, but not nearly as hot as these students' enthusiasm for being taught English by a "genuine foreigner." (August 2006)

English to the skies... and away!!

Well, almost. These students really were enthusiastic.

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Left hand... right hand... now, how about the other two?

Clowning around in English class.
Ummm... what could say "Hot News!" more than this?

New Technology, New Techniques

One of the surprise wonders of modern technology: the hand-held self-portrait.
Admiring the results.

Whoa!! A pig-nosed devil!!

How does she do that?
Jennifer is celebrating World Cup season.

Care for a spin?

Monopoly was never more fun!


Christmas Time at Michigan Language Academy

A composite photo, partly by Roger and partly by Michell (the two angels) that brought joy to the hearts of people at Michigan Language Academy in 2004.




Michelle worked at Michigan Language Academy as part of the staff. She brought a lot of sunshine with her whereever she went. (December 2004)


Cathy is an administrative assistant at Michigan Language Academy. She's working there to improve her English. When it's better, she hopes to become a flight attendant. (February 2005)

Jerry and Megan

This was taken at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul. (April 2004)

Teacher Totum

The Michigan Language Academy teachers went for a teacher outing to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, and we came up with this shot. (April 2004)


A lovely lady from Maylasia in a Korean park in spring time. (April 2004)
A picture of me in that same park. (April 2004).

20,000 Volts?

Not quite... a trampoline at sunset. Backlit hair as she jumps out of the shade, plus a fill flash.



Megan is a cutie, and one day she came to school with this clown nose on, and it made my day! (2004)


A student of mine on a hilltop in Korea near Suwon. (1995)
My son, Roger, in the Morimoto Gardens near Del Ray Beach, Florida. (summer 2003)

Rockin Rocks

Donna and Roger negoiate a stream in the Wastach Mountains.



A shot of three of my children, Heather, Adrienne and Roger -- at the entrance to an abandoned mine near the Pony Express Trail as it crosses western Utah. This was one of many exploring journeys we made around the state.
Mrs. Chung and her son, Chris. Mrs. Chung and her husband run a Language School in Suwon, Korea.
A student of mine and her brother as we tour the Korean Folk Village, near Suwon. (1995)
Twins clowning around in an office chair.
A favorite cat.

Lake Powell Banana Fun

Not quite a Lord Shiva Indian dance, but a lot more fun.

Learning Paduk

Kim Man-Du teaches his grandson this famous game from East Asia.


Roger III and I are visiting the Air Force Museum in Roy, Utah and inspecting a replica of the Little Man atom bomb.
Which way is up? The kids gather for a portrait from an unusual angle.
Two of my English conversation students with me at a "relaxing pagoda" in the Korean Folk village. (1994)
Two other students on a tour of Paldalsan park in Suwon. (1996)
Asia and Australia mix. (1996)
This group was a photo club group on an outing. They were from a university in Seoul, and I met them at a temple near Yoju. (1994)