Pictures from 2009

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Pictures from Christmas time 2008

My grandsons Benjamin and Jaden on Christmas Eve 2008.
Their younger sister, Jaina
Darla at Lakeside Apartments
Betty "Betty Boop" at Lakeside Apartments


Two sweetheart "fairies" from the Mountain Con 2008 science fiction convention


Acting Class at Salt Lake Community College 2008

... and Ukelele Lady like you

Not quite a banjo, but fun to fool around with none-the-less.

Let me guess...

___ and Amy in another exercise in acting class.
Wow, peace sign isn't just in Korea! Kevin is another fellow student in my acting class.
Daniel and Amy take a close look at ___'s new hair... er, hairdo!

Just who's ukelele?

Daniel is from Maui, and it's his ukelele.
My First Digital Photo

La Quinta Lion

This is one of my first pictures with a digital camera. I got the camera when I returned to the US in the summer of 2008. This lion graces the lobby of the hotel where I stayed for much of the summer.