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Roger's "Big Picture" History Lessons

Lessons about Cultures

The Importance of Cooperation to a Big Vision -- you need it, how do you get it? (Aug 15)

The Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression -- the difference between these two decades is the difference between cooperating and acrimony (Aug 15)

Stock Market Characteristics -- Why stocks are like they are (Jul 15)

Technology Revolutions -- Inventions change how we live. Here is a pattern of how they do so. (Jun 15)

Communications Revolutions -- How we communicate makes a big difference in how we live (Jun 15)

The Biggest Cultural Picture: Neolithic -> Agriculture -> Industrial Ages (May 15)

The Mystery of the Rise and Fall of Boom Communities -- why is booming so tough to do? (Jun 15)

Why the Middle East and Africa are having such a hard time with nationhood (Apr 15)

Why the "Red Scare" in the US was scary for so long (Dec 14)

The North American colonial experience (Nov 13)

The Reconstruction Era in the US (Oct 13)

How Korea got to where it is today (July 13)