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Science and Insight Essays

The science and insight essays on White World are scattered because I write about many topics. Here is where you can find them.

Cyreenik Says Editorials -- before 2009

Panic/Blunder, Holy Metal Dectector, War on Terror, many more

Cyreenik Says Editorials -- 2009-2012

Social Justice, Midwest Disease, Curses/Blind Spots, many more

Cyreenik Says Editorials -- 2013-2014

Cyreenik Says Editorials -- 2015

Technofiction Non-Fiction -- before 2009

Thinking Stack, Neolithic Park, Tattoos and T-Shirts, many more

Technofiction Non-Ficton -- 2009-2013

Mortality, Cyber Muses, Dark Matter, a few more

Technofiction Non-Fiction -- 2014

Technofiction Visions of 2050 -- 2015

Blog on Cultural Issues (Film Studies Class) (2013)

Blogs inspired by SLCC classes (2012-2015)

Blog on Anthropology Class (2012)

Blog on Ethical Issues Class (2010)

Blog on Christian views in a discussion with my brother (2004)

Blog on Evolution and Religion while reading "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren and "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins (2005)

Blog on the coming Singularity while reading "The Singularity is Near" by Ray Kurzweil (2011)

Blog on Collectivism while reading F. A. Hayek's "Road to Serfdom" (2010)

And last but not least, the pithy Sayings of Roger